Excavating Your Truth with Robert Wunderlich

by Jan 31, 2022

Our past has shaped our future

It took Robert Wunderlich longer than others to come to men’s work. His realization that men need community and specifically community with other men had only come after he had obtained a master’s degree in Archaeology, and began his road to becoming a second degree black belt under a direct trainee from the legendary Gracie family. 

Now he’s a certified men’s coach who helps others searching for answers by weaving his experiences together. My question for him was simple.

How is this all related? 

How does history, anthropology, and archaeology mix together to mold and help men grow into the man they are meant to be? The truth is, we are not anatomically different from the men who existed before us. The one’s who had to scavenge and find any way possible to survive, while also leading and protecting their communities. 

Robert and I explored how weaving these theories and fields of study together yield true power. Our past is the key to mastering our future. Becoming the master of your own life internally and externally is not an easy task. Robert shared his techniques, knowledge of history, and wisdom with me so that we can better understand who we are and where we can go.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Lich or lick? (0:51)
  • Anthropology & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. (11:54)
  • Egyptian civilization lasted 3,000 yrs. (27:36)
  • Having appreciation for the tiniest of advances. (42:47)
  • The capacity to water all areas of life mastery. (57:14)
  • Sustaining ourselves through long term goals. (1:08:16)

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