Express, Not Suppress

by Feb 12, 2021

Imagine yourself as a pressure cooker.

Have you ever wondered why pressure cookers don’t explode? They’re basically compressing moisture into heat… you’d think they’d eventually *blam*. 

They don’t though because they’re “smart.” The cooker can be triggered to release pressure after some time to avoid completely wrecking your kitchen. So why is it that we think that we can do what a pressure cooker can’t? 

What I mean is, why the heck do we think we can basically shove our feelings into a pressure cooker, suppress them, and never ever explode? We need those vents in our lives so that we can uh… properly cook ourselves. Okay, so the analogy doesn’t carry all the way through. 

However, the explosion piece is what I want to focus on today. Sometimes people bottle until they’re saying things they don’t mean, are tapping into some pain deep inside that informs their actions. For people like me though, the suppression forces me to shut down (like a faulty pressure cooker). 

In this episode we’re going to figure out how to get everything working again, and how you can start expressing rather than suppressing!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Celebrating 150 episodes. (0:38)
  • Doing a “live autopsy”. (4:21)
  • Feeling bad emotions scares us. (9:43)
  • Suppressing negative emotions. (14:22)
  • Anger release writing. (19:43)
  • Do you have powerful ways of emotion release? (23:56)

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