Feeling Stuck? Try This!

by Mar 31, 2021

Acknowledging your ideals.

One of the number one reasons the people I work with feel stuck is they don’t understand how to reframe or get creative with achieving the things they want. And do you know what some of the biggest excuses are?

Family. Past choices. Careers. 

Women I coached would often tell me about unsupportive spouses when it came to kids. Men would tell me about unwanted weight gain. Yet, when I’d ask them about implementing change, they’d always come back to family, choices, or dead-end careers. 

Many of these things are standing in the way, however when we shift our angles on the problem, they no longer have to. Enrolling an unsupportive spouse to take action is possible. Achieving desires while also getting weight under control is possible. It all starts with being honest, and having vulnerable conversations. 

The objective is to get unstuck, and those conversations get the ball rolling. So what’s this tip to getting unstuck? You’ll need to listen to this episode to find out the sure-fire way to get unstuck.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Adverse to seeking your dreams? (1:27)
  • Coping mechanisms. (4:00)
  • Getting stuck. (6:29)
  • How do you get unstuck? (8:48)
  • Pursuing what is uncomfortable. (11:53)

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