Finding Your Frequency with Dan Houck

by Sep 28, 2020

Learn to listen to that little voice inside.

I know for some of you it might sound crazy… but that voice inside you is almost always right

How do we find it though? Well, you’ve got to cut out the extra noise, and listen for that gentle voice that’s nudging you forward. Don’t believe me? Then you should hear it from my good friend, Dan Houck.

Once a guy from Arizona who worked in engineering, he’s now living in Denver and coaching folks to live more fulfilled lives! Raised Catholic, he was always very skeptical about listening to that inner voice. Yet one day, he decided to listen and it changed his life. 

One of the deepest lessons he learned as he began to listen to the voice was to be as kind to himself as he was to others. Because at the end of the day, our wellbeing and our happiness needs to be up to us, not others. 

Learn how to live a life of putting shots up and being true to yourself with Dan Houck.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Who is Dan Houck? (1:56)
  • Trusting your gut. (11:44)
  • Leaving security behind. (22:58)
  • Transparency, honesty & truth. (34:40)
  • Finding comfort in sharing space with men. (43:40)
  • Finding safety & security in life. (51:52)

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