The 5 Relationship Stressors

by Jun 19, 2020

Why does romance seem to fizzle out over time?

There’s about a million different answers to that question. Yet at their core they boil down to FIVE different stressors. 

Relationships burn out because when stress enters the picture unchecked, we depolarize. 

The masculine partner goes feminine, and the feminine partner goes masculine. It’s a pretty easy equation to grapple with, and it has HUGE consequences if left unchecked. When we fall into these patterns of stress we forget to focus on humility. 

Little things start to eat at us about our partner, and we start to dig into finding our own happiness without our partners, instead of creating happy situations with them. It’s an easy thing to get lost in, yet that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly game over. 

If you watch out for these patterns and do what you can to help soothe them, you can start doing the work to repair and make it even better. And once you know the five stressors inside and out, you can teach your current or future partners to transform the relationship.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What creates our intimate relationships to break down? (1:10)
  • Depolarization (2:55)
  • Passivity (5:53)
  • The 4 R’s of a deteriorating relationship (9:30)
  • The loss of commitment towards making it work (13:50)
  • Why doing what’s counterintuitive is the solution (16:45)
  • What you resist persists (19:43)

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