Freedom Is Not Free At All

by Aug 29, 2022

The irony of freedom.

Everything in this life is a trade-off. Even freedom. Let’s think about financial freedom for a moment. With money, you have unlimited resources — you can do anything you want. Travel to every country, eat the best food, and live your dream experiences. What most people forget is that freedom tends to come at a cost. 

Since you traveled to every country, maybe you missed out on time spent with your family. Maybe after eating the best food, that home-cooked meal doesn’t taste the same. The point is to broaden your perspective. Take the time to think about the things you desire. Are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals?

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share my thoughts on freedom and the need for a holistic perspective. With freedom, you live with abundance. However, that freedom came at a cost. The irony of freedom is that you must have discipline as well.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Let’s talk about freedom. (0:46)
  • An 11 year old’s decision. (4:06)
  • When a vax is a not a vaccination. (8:21)
  • Beware of supplements. (12:28)
  • Read labels and do your own research. (16:13)

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