From Flying to Fulfillment with Rich Aboboto

by Aug 16, 2021

Where do you want to spend the best years of your life?

As a fighter pilot in the UK, Rich Aboboto discovered what true freedom—and danger—really looked like. It was high-speed, high-stakes execution in the air, with the understanding that just one mistake could be the end of his career… or his life. 

Now years later, Rich challenges people to deeply consider what they should be doing with the best years of their lives.

Becoming a coach and high-achieving individual, he had to learn how to integrate everything he learned from his military career and bring fulfillment into his civilian life. 

During our conversation, we zeroed in on some key elements each person needs for increased fulfillment (hint hint, it’s not all the money you imagine), and it’s definitely not working yourself to the bone. 

Come ready to experience this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, because Rich will share his outlook on life, tools of fulfillment, and the questions he uses to find his way when things become uncertain.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Maverick of the Royal Airforce. (2:56)
  • Dealing with the pressures of piloting fighter jets. (10:13)
  • A catastrophic engine failure. (20:26)
  • London UPW. (29:26)
  • Learning to turn your beliefs around. (38:37)
  • Working through personal doubt. (46:48)
  • What lights Rich up! (52:14)

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