From Immigrant Sacrifice to Success Story with Robert Radnoti

by Sep 6, 2021

On Hypnotherapy and cross country.

I’ve always found it fascinating how some of the most motivated people I’ve met happen to be immigrants. They have a knack for grinding, hustling, and plowing through life’s blockades to find success on the other side. 

The work ethic hasn’t just fascinated me… It’s been inspiring too! So it’s always a treat sitting down with an immigrant and learning their stories. 

This time, Robert Radnoti gets behind the mic to share his life—from banging down doors to collect monthly payments for distributing publications, to becoming an Engineer at Exxon, and eventually becoming the cross country coach and hypnotherapist he is today. 

Through all these changes, there’s a fantastic lesson to be learned about seizing opportunity, taking risks, and showing up ready to work. The truth about Robert’s life wasn’t that he just showed up to grind. He always had an angle to work, a way to step to the next level—no matter how far fetched it seemed. 

On this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re diving into the life of an immigrant and what it means to do the work we love.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Robert’s Radness. (1:18)
  • Immigrant success story. (9:40)
  • Exxon & chemical engineering. (17:43)
  • Sacrificing for the bigger picture. (27:24)
  • Little to no, family communication. (37:07)
  • The Malibu Method. (45:53)

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