Garbage In, Garbage Out

by Jul 22, 2020

Mindlessly consuming is going to leave you in a mess.

I’m sure you’ve experienced, or seen someone else experience, the extreme discomfort of realizing that full bag of snack food is… no longer full. I know I feel like hot garbage when I do something like that, and I can imagine any grown adult is going to feel similarly. 

But why do we do it? Because, in the moment, it feels good. 

In the same way we can get caught up in the joys of junk food, we can get caught up in putting other kinds of garbage into our lives. And you know what they say: “You are what you eat.” 

If I’m consuming nothing but angry, negative, and fear-based content, after a few days I’m probably going to start being angry, negative, and full of fear. It’s just how we work as humans. So, if we put garbage in, we’re going to get garbage out. 

And if we’re truly committed to becoming the kings and queens of our kingdoms, then we need to be careful about what we consume. 

Ask yourself: “What needs to be cut?” from your daily diet of food, entertainment, reading, etc.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • To become more successful, clean your mind. (1:20)
  • The cost of underperforming. (5:00)
  • The political season during my childhood. (9:50)
  • I’m not scared. I’m just keeping informed. ha! (14:50)
  • My Challenge: Go on a media diet. (19:40)
  • You need to step up your game. (23:30)

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