Getting Through Tough Times

by Dec 11, 2020

When life throws you curveballs, you need to adapt.

Many of you may be struggling to reach for the lives you want to live. Whether it’s your family, job, or something else slowing you down, you need to take a moment to reassess how you’re going about your days and nights. 

No, this isn’t a talk about habits. This is a discussion about being resourceful. 

Unlike a poorly thought out puzzle, there’s almost always a way out of the situation you’re in. I did not get where I am today by beating my head against the wall hoping it would break. Instead, I talked with my friends, hired a coach or two, and got to work. Eventually I was able to scale the wall, because I had the tools to do it. 

In the case that you’re facing less of a wall and more of a pitcher who likes to peg you with curveballs (and the refs aren’t doing anything about it), change it up. Play dirty against your situation. That might look like talking with your friends or getting honest with your spouse about what you want in life. 

It might look like taking a calculated risk for the first time in your life. 

I probably shouldn’t give you the whole pie here, so if you want to learn my secret  to getting through tough times and being resourceful, be sure to check out this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Why meditation? (1:07)
  • Down the rabbit hole of self-hate. (3:31)
  • Experiencing failure. (6:32)
  • If you don’t have what you want, is it because of resources? (10:28)
  • Being resourceful. (14:17)
  • Crowdsourcing your challenges. (16:55)

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