Global Beliefs and 1-Start Reviews

by Jul 8, 2020

The dreaded one-star review has struck.

If you’re like me, you like to look for anomalies in the long lists of reviews displayed on the internet. Podcast, restaurants, venues, whatever. They’re a fascinating insight into others’ experiences and create a break in the “highly-rated” narrative.

So, when I realized I had a one-star review, I figured I’d “made it.” Turns out that it wasn’t so much a review of my content… it was a review of me

It was then that I remembered this: “Every communication is an act of love, or a cry for help.” Me being my introspective self, I was brought back to memories of my mother talking about her metabolism. It brought me to memories of clients who made up stories about why they couldn’t achieve what they wanted. 

I’m reminded that “globalized beliefs” are powerful, and we need to take the time to address them, BEFORE they influence our actions and ruin interactions with others. 

Let’s have a chat about how the stories we tell ourselves reframe how we see the world.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • 1-Star Review. (1:00)
  • The thing about Global Beliefs is… (6:15)
  • “Online dating sucks!” (9:50)
  • Don’t allow limiting beliefs to dim your light (13:00)
  • “All men are…” “All women are…” (16:20)

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