Just Some Guy’s Weekend Nonsense

by Oct 2, 2020

LIVE from the Utah Wilderness… It’s The Johnny King Show!

Have you ever just decided to take a trip with the guys? Well that’s what’s going on this weekend, which means a different episode than usual. 

I’m always giving you my natural Johnny charisma, however this time you’re going to get a dose of me and my friends in our natural element… the natural elements (c’mon I’m not a poet). 

We’re getting the fire going, and chilling out at our campsite tonight, so you’ll get to hear:

  • What happens when the bros get together for a weekend
  • Some short stories about how we met
  • What our ideal days look like
  • And some thoughts about manly stereotypes

I’m not just hyping this episode up, it’s a fun one! Kick back and relax with something a little different from the usual.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Snake Farm. (0:32)
  • The REAL JKSP Intro. (2:40)
  • When Rick met Johnny. (5:57)
  • Why Kevin needs quiet in the mornings. (9:49)
  • Genetic cocktail. (14:12)
  • Glass in the ass. (17:23)
  • “Wrastling.” (20:45)

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