Handling Pressure with Blake Horstmann

by Jul 6, 2020

He became a reality TV star overnight. He wasn’t ready for what came next.

Growing up as a sheltered teenager without being in touch with his mental health and broader emotional spectrum, Blake Horstmann hit his breaking point often while appearing on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

What he encountered on those shows was the rawness of himself. 

As a child of divorce, he realized that much of the way he interacted with romance was a product of that pain. He believed depression, anxiety, and panic attacks were myths for men… that they were a choice. 

When he got home last year from Paradise, he was broken. He had shared so much of his life with the producers, and they had painted him as a “monster.” 

He was forced to defend himself on social media, and prove that he wasn’t. 

Blake’s story is so interesting because even though the circumstances are different, his experience is one that a lot of men can relate to: discovering that pain, loneliness, and betrayal are the norm. 

Blake joins me on the show this episode to discuss his time as a reality TV star, healthy masculinity, and the need for men to seek better mental health.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Before he was B.lake. (2:30)
  • With so much abundance, why is there so much pain? (8:35)
  • Being vulnerable with thick skin. (16:30)
  • Blake’s battle with depression (22:50)
  • Processing anger. (30:00)
  • Dealing with pressures of celebrity-ship & seeking love. (36:57)

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