Having Courage To Tell Your Story with Marjah Simon-Meinfeld

by Aug 9, 2021

Accepting who you are in life.

Every one of us has a story—good, bad, ugly—and they’re what make us who are today. Sometimes, we feel deep shame about who we are, wish we could run from our choices, or feel trapped by the narrative others have given our lives. 

Cultivating the courage to own our story can take some work, however it’s certainly not as hard as you think (as long as you’ve got an appetite for reflection). That’s where Marjah Simon-Meinefeld can help. 

Marjah speaks from a place of experience in this, being struck with a “triple devastation” that drove her to study, learn, and recontextualize her entire life. This transformation was so powerful for her that her intensive schooling, certification to practice law in the Supreme Court, and former career in the military all pale in comparison… 

As a transformational life coach, she brings the culmination of her work to others so they can also thrive. Supporting people all around the world in reclaiming their health, mindset, and lives is what she lives for. 

Marjah joins me on this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast to help us uncover the power of our stories, why owning up to our past is important for moving forward, and how we can radically transform our lives with just a little effort.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Wisdom from a best selling author coach. (1:56)
  • Don’t have a decade to write a book? (10:03)
  • Passing along wisdom from legends. (20:26)
  • You’re not alone or taboo. (29:47)
  • Sharing your story with the world. (39:12)
  • Changing your life’s story to empower you. (49:02)

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