Heed the Greater Calling in Life with Dan Gomer

by Jul 19, 2021

Fighting the stories we tell ourselves.

Listener… There’s something you need to know. 

YOU have the potential to ANYTHING you set your mind to. And if you doubt me, I understand why. The stories you tell yourself about your past, present, and future are powerful (and not just in the good way). You’ve probably felt it deep down too. 

The stories we all tell ourselves are often lies until we’ve done the work to reframe how we see our potential. Because each of us has boundless potential, as long as we believe it, see it, and live it. 

Our nature is to express beyond our limiting beliefs, so how do we actually do that?

I’ve welcomed Dan Gomer to the Becoming Kings Podcast, because he’s got a special insight into discovering who we are. Too often we feel fear and apprehension toward moving forward with our lives. Yes, the unknown is scary, however Dan has developed a system to help others overcome that and leave behind the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves. 

If you’re ready to tap your potential, and drive ahead in life, you won’t want to miss this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Dan “the man” Gomer. (0:51)
  • “Success” being a very personal term. (7:38)
  • Letting go of certainty for progress. (16:07)
  • Fear is a powerful drug. (24:36)
  • Intrinsic value in helping people. (33:58)
  • Think Like a Monk & morning rituals. (42:57)
  • Dan’s upcoming classes. (48:54)

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