Healed People, Heal People with Lucas Mack

by Mar 22, 2021

The Golden Rule Revolution.

Processing trauma can take a lot of different forms. For Lucas, it looked like leaving it all behind after a suicide attempt at 20 years old, and finally grappling with it years later when his pain came out in behaviors he didn’t understand. 

Now an entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and podcast host, Lucas shares the tools and healing he acquired on his journey and shares them with men to give them permission to face their pasts, move on, and grow into who they want to be. It’s all about treating people the way you want to be treated—that includes facing incorrect beliefs about yourself to make sure you’re truly loving yourself and others! 

Lucas seems to be the kind of guy who defied the odds. He pushed himself beyond the pain into wild success, however he wasn’t able to run forever. Many men buckle under the pressure and yet he managed to keep his head up and seek the help he needed to set himself straight. 

This time on The Johnny King Show, Lucas and I are not only digging into his story… we’re grappling the realities we often run from, the mindsets we can implement to heal, and a whole lot more. 

I would like to provide a light trigger warning: Lucas shares a bit about his story, so if you’re sensitive to stories of child abuse, definitely pace yourself. While it’s not overtly graphic or anything, it’s a challenging subject.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Exploring the fullness of who you are. (1:47)
  • Too little too late. (8:46)
  • NLP is a double edged sword. (17:11)
  • What truly matters. (25:56)
  • The power of hope. (35:06)
  • Healing is the most powerful thing we can do. (41:58)
  • The importance for men to learn how to receive. (46:21)

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