Healing Generational Trauma with Dynas Purins

by Nov 8, 2021

Trauma spans across time. 

You won’t know where you’re going unless you reckon with where you’ve been, and in many cases, where your family has been. Our parents’ and grandparents’ lived experiences echo across time and generations unknowingly affect how our lives and our children’s lives unfold. 

Dynas Purins is all too familiar with the concept of trauma across time. His father grew up under occupation in Latvia during World War II and his mother immigrated from the Phillipines during a turbulent time in the country’s history. With his father passing away in his mid-20’s Dynas realized he was turning into a person he couldn’t recognize anymore.

Everything he held dearly in his life — his car, business, and relationships — left him feeling hollow and unfulfilled. Now a successful entrepreneur, Dynas has learned how to harness the memories of his father’s life and use it to help other men relieve themselves of their own generational trauma. 

How does the weight of time affect us as our lives go on, and how can we move past it? What tools are available to you to spread generational light? We get into that and much more on this episode of Becoming Kings.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Standardize self love. (1:53 )
  • Transitioning from acquisition to impact. (13:18)
  • From numbness to rage. (29:59)
  • The collective consciousness starts with you. (45:35)
  • The antidote to your personal darkness. (1:01:14)
  • Dynas, a man who has put in the work to heal. (1:12:22)

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