Healthy Conversations on Race with Londell Jackson

by Jul 13, 2020

These conversations need to happen, and they need to be approached correctly.

Over the past few weeks I’ve touched on issues of race, and have had several conversations with my Black friends to understand their experiences better. While these conversations could be worthwhile for you to pursue with your own Black friends, my conversation with Londell “Dell” Jackson opened my eyes to something:

Not everyone is ready to talk. 

So often, our friends are feeling pressured into discussions with us when they aren’t ready. It creates its own cycle of challenge and exhaustion that runs parallel to the other fear-inducing and exhausting issues our friends face daily. 

“Are we… or aren’t we supposed to have these conversations?” You might be asking. 

Well, it’s complicated. As Dell suggested in our discussion, do your own research first, sit with it, then schedule a conversation with a friend if you want to learn about their experience. That gives them time to prepare and the opportunity to say no. 

One final word of advice before you listen to the episode and move forward with your day: every experience is different. Remember that by talking with your friends about race doesn’t illuminate the entirety of the Black experience in America. 

Be there for your brothers or sisters to support them, and if they want space, give it to them.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The life of Londell in 120 seconds. (1:57)
  • Healthy emotional release (7:20)
  • Emotional fitness (11:40)
  • What can you do as an individual to create change? (18:09)
  • Londell’s beliefs on Black Amerians being racist (12:25)
  • The vast importance of allies (29:35)
  • Easy to hate from far, difficult to hate up close (34:22)

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