Holding On and Letting Go with Sam Gibbs Morris

by Jun 21, 2021

Healing from hyper-vigilance.

Uncertainty, anger, anxiety, paranoia… These all come from being raised to fear. And for Sam, he had no choice. Being allergic to almost everything forced him into a state of constant evaluation of his surroundings. 

Unfortunately, it led him down a dark path, eventually bringing him to an ultimatum: self-destruct or rise above a life of fear. 

This change proved to be an immense challenge, because it wasn’t just treating feelings or a mindset. The foundation of his existence was built on needing to be scared because his life was constantly threatened by the state of his health. 

And we all know that physiological reactions are some of the hardest to overcome—even when you have the tools to cope, treat, and avoid stimuli. 

In talking with Sam, it’s so clear that he operates on another level. His clarity of mind and mission has been won from the fires of intense trial. I can’t wait for you to dive in and listen to his story because it’s not only harrowing, it’s deeply inspiring. 

This time on the Becoming Kings Podcast, I bring you Sam Gibbs Morris.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Sam’s backstory of evolution. (1:35)
  • The difference between vigilance and observance. (8:27)
  • Dealing with anger. (17:18)
  • Energetic cords. (26:42)
  • The expectation of being saved. (35:40)
  • The story of Sam’s body art. (44:49)
  • The bufo ceremony. (53:05)

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