How Attractive Do You Think You Are?

by Sep 17, 2020

Your outward appearance often reflects your standards for yourself.

Attractiveness can be a tricky game. Sometimes you attract just the right person, and other times you find yourself wondering “How do I also seem to find myself surrounded by… interesting people?” 

When it comes to our outside, your standards affect your appearance, which can be part of the reason why you find yourself with the kinds of people you do. 

Other times, who you attract comes down to whether or not you’ve resolved to the work you need to do on yourself. Your standards for yourself may not be high enough, or in some cases they can be TOO high. Both of these situations can cause development deadlocks for yourself that stall your progress. 

And when you’re stalled it can deeply affect the quality of your relationships. So if you’re out there looking for love, consider your standards and your willingness to work on yourself. 

You don’t have to be perfect to get out there, however you should work to cultivate the energy you want so that you attract the right people to your life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How attractive are you? (1:00)
  • Getting honest feedback from strangers. (3:11)
  • Challenge: ask for your own feedback. (6:16)
  • Get your shit together to be more attractive. (9:52)
  • Do the work to level up! (12:33)
  • Humble pride for who you’ve become. (14:19)

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