How Committed are You to Your Word?

by Nov 16, 2020

Do you stick to what you say, or do you keep redrawing lines?

It really comes down to a single all-encompassing question:

What do you stand for? 

Growth is painful. Comfort leads to decay. You’ve heard me say those things a dozen times throughout the time you’ve spent with me. 

Embracing discomfort, willing to be wrong, and NOT clinging to the need for control is scary, I hear you. And yet, as I’m 13 days into my #75Hard Challenge, I’m beginning to realize just how much these things are true. 

I definitely found myself in a good comfort zone, and this is the moment where I’ve realized that keeping my word even when it’s hard is super good for me. And we both know that if it’s good for me, it’s also good for you. 

So, listen to this episode and consider what it would look like to “check in with your word.” Let’s improve together!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How great is your peer group? (0:40)
  • Can you renegotiate your word? (4:36)
  • Moving the line. (6:55)
  • Where is it that we grow the most? (10:36)
  • Communication can be painful, and necessary. (13:47)
  • My 24 hour challenge. (16:48)

Listen to the episode

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