How Comparison Steals Your Motivation

by Jul 30, 2021

Taking the wind out of your sails.

We’ve all got crappy thought patterns. Sometimes we’re aware of them, other times we’re not… Yet these patterns come from a lack of perspective. 

The perspectives we hold about ourselves are interesting because, often when we’re aware of our crappy thought patterns we’re over-focused on ourselves, and when we’re not aware of them we’re over-focused on everyone else. 

Why does this happen?

Honestly, even after years of working with men and women, it’s unclear why the problem is so persistent. One thing I know to be true is that everyone is capable of balancing out their views of themselves, stop the comparisons, and start motivating themselves to achieve every single day. 

All it takes is… a little perspective

Before you start booing, the key to overcoming anything in our minds is a matter of adjustment. When we’re overfocused on ourselves, we need to ease off and see others (and the world around us), and when we’re overfocused on others, we need to turn toward ourselves a bit. 

Think this needs a little more explanation? If you listen to this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, you’ll leave the tools you need to overcome comparison and adjust your perspective!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Don’t miss episode 223 w/ Mark Bentz. (0:51)
  • The three buckets. (4:17)
  • Robbing yourself of your motivation and commitment. (8:23)
  • Never quit. Never give up the fight for growth. (12:21)
  • You’re the King of your own Kingdom! (15:49)

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