How Do You Distract Yourself From Pain?

by Jul 28, 2021

Fulfilling our six human needs.

Do you ever have this gnawing hunger for significance? I’m sure you’ve felt it. This need to feel important is often what drives us to pick at our romantic partners, closest friends, or family. 

Something about needing to be recognized turns us into some of the worst versions of ourselves. So, why exactly do we end up in these situations where we hurt others? 

Well, it’s an emptying of our six human needs (as coined by Tony Robbins). When those needs go unfulfilled it drives us into a corner, forcing us to act out of loneliness, fear, insignificance, or other feelings associated with our deprived states. 

What’s strange is that sometimes we find it easier to continue being empty, when it’s often far easier to get those needs met with an intentional conversation with someone you care about. Perhaps resisting recovery comes from not feeling we deserve it… 

Whatever the reason, if you’ve been experiencing states like these lately, this episode can help. 

This time on the Becoming Kings Podcast, we’re going to chat about pain, avoidant behaviors, and how to stop taking our feelings out on others.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • When your “rightness” backfires. (0:49)
  • Burning bridges. (4:56)
  • Freedom of choice. (10:10)
  • Stop kidding yourself, you don’t have control. (15:38)
  • How are you fulfilling your need for variety? (19:32)
  • Why are you here? (23:18)

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