How Do You Gauge A Successful Relationship?

by Sep 8, 2021

Lessons from heartbreak.

My coach, Christine Hassler, recently challenged me to think of failure as a teaching moment. We’re often so quick to jump to placing blame, crushing ourselves with guilt, or finding some way to immediately cope that we forget to learn

And sometimes when we forget to take a step back and detach from the emotion, we can  even learn the wrong lessons. Pain is quite good at leading us to believe what’s not true! 

Okay, so how do we get to a place where we can learn? I’ll admit, sometimes it comes later after the pain has subsided and we’re able to think straight again. However, there are some reflection tools we can employ to get perspective in the moment so we can handle it gracefully, while also being in touch with our feelings. 

In this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’ll be reflecting on learning from heartbreak and finding out what makes a relationship successful (even when it “fails”).

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Is it all about longevity? (0:54)
  • Have you married the wrong person? (4:32)
  • You shouldn’t doubt your relationship. (7:51)
  • Each relationship can be your best teacher. (11:41)
  • Beliefs close you down or leave you open. (15:12)

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