How Important Is “Fun” In Your Life?

by Nov 3, 2021

Trade certainty for fulfillment

So much time in our lives is taken up by necessities. Going to the grocery store, doing our taxes, work around the house, these are things everyone needs to do, but very few want to do. The biggest time suck for many of us though is our work, where very few men find true fulfillment. Everyone has to work out of necessity, but doing something that only brings me certainty and security gets old to me very quickly. 

We need to trade certainty and security for fulfillment. 

How much of your life is monotonous and predictable? I bet you can often find yourself  just checking the boxes, making sure that all your ducks are in a row. I can tell you right now, that is not a path towards lifelong fulfillment and growth. We need to have fun. Have great conversations, go to concerts, travel the world, have a quiet night in with your significant other. However fun manifests itself in your life is what you should be taking more time to do. 

This episode of Becoming Kings is aimed at supporting you in finding what makes you happy. Let’s find out how you can shed that lingering feeling of necessity and security.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What are you REALLY doing in life? (0:46)
  • Pressure suffocates. (4:14)
  • What makes you happy? (7:41)
  • How perspectives change. (11:12)
  • What type of investment can you make in you? (14:15)

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