How to Decipher the Real Life Matrix

by Sep 15, 2021

How do you go about fulfilling your needs?

Too often we get sucked into the chaos of life—and when we lose ourselves to the noise we find ourselves trapped in a fake world. 

One where we don’t believe in ourselves, our abilities, and what drives us. 

In case you’re lost, The Matrix is a critically acclaimed sci-fi film about humanity’s future where everyone is uploaded to a simulated version of life. Now bear with me, we’re not going to get all theoretical and whacky with this! 

The part I want to zero in on is where we started: we can get trapped in this fake life where we totally avoid fulfillment, making all the wrong choices for us and our relationships. Problem is, when we aren’t fulfilling our needs, we slowly degrade. 

And it’s at this point that we NEED to wake up to reality. The comfortable, no resistance life where everything is a little gray, a little lackluster, is actually just killing you. 

So, in this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast we’re unpacking the real life matrix, and our fundamental needs.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The experience of being in a movie theater. (0:50)
  • Clear the runway for greater bandwidth. (6:06)
  • How well are you fulfilling your partner’s needs? (11:39)
  • No one will leave if their needs are being met. (17:01)
  • Constructive, Destructive or Neutral. (21:33)
  • Does money or success bring you significance? (24:05)

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