How To Keep Things Spicy!

by Mar 18, 2022

Reigniting the lost spark

One of the maxims our society takes as truth is that the romantic flame between partners eventually has to go out. I’m telling you right now that it does not have to be that way. 

Keeping that flame alive does not have to be accomplished through grand gestures or commitments to changing who you fundamentally are. You can keep your relationship fun and exciting by finding joy in the little things, especially everyday conversation. Flirting was the basis of how you began your attraction to your partner, and returning to it even just a little bit can play a big part in keeping things fresh between you and your best friend. 

How do we focus on the little things in everyday conversation and help us reignite our love life? On this episode of Becoming Kings, we’ll discuss how humor, flirting, and having a thick skin resist the old adage that our romantic flames have to inevitably go out.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Should relationships fizzle out? (0:46)
  • Thin vs thick skin. (3:57)
  • Don’t over use this spice! (6:53)
  • Bland vs Spicy. (9:43)
  • Looking for opportunities to tease. (11:50)

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