How to Manage Time 101

by Jul 29, 2020

Are you maximizing the time you have in life?

It’s no secret that the time we have in this life is tragically short. So why spend it doing a bunch of stuff you deeply dislike? In my experience people get stuck, because they aren’t guiding themselves to what they want! You see, the trick is that most people love structure… they just think they don’t. 

When it comes to managing and maximizing your time, your best friend is going to be a calendar, and a willingness to clarify your goals and objectives. Once you’ve got a physical (or digital) calendar up and running, set a day to start planning out what you want to accomplish! 

In order to maintain proper time management, we need to make things… manageable (real original right?). There is a reason for breaking a larger goal into smaller ones:

If we make our goals too big, we’ll give up when the going gets tough. If we want to succeed in your desires and goals, we have to leave more trail markers for ourselves as a reminder of progress. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Listen to this episode to learn how to manage your time and start achieving your life goals.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Not tapping into your full potential? (0:33)
  • The importance of setting objectives. (4:58)
  • Chunking down your goals. (10:07)
  • Data dump & then prioritize. (16:40)
  • Art & Science of Productivity & Fulfillment. (24:00)
  • Why I budget every minute of my day. (26:36)

Listen to the episode

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