How We Get Commitment Wrong

by Aug 13, 2021

Getting to the heart of our actions.

That thing, person, or change you’ve said you’re committed to… Are you actually?

Most of us buckle under pressure. And when we buckle under the weight of holding a commitment, it begs us to question whether or not we were committed in the first place. I’ve seen guys struggle to stay committed to their spouses, working out, getting that new job, earning the money they know they can. 


Because we might actually be committed to something else. The trick then is to root them out. But how can we actually do that if we don’t know?

In this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re going to look at commitment and show you how to seek out your true commitments so you can start creating effective growth and change in your life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Let’s talk shop shall we? (1:32)
  • Do circumstances create commitments? (4:01)
  • Commitment only takes place in the present. (7:47)
  • What are you more committed to? (11:18)
  • Commitment only happens when it’s tested. (14:32)
  • Declare your commitments daily. (18:08)

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