Humility That Comes With Growth with Adrian Eimerl

by Jun 14, 2021

Gain the strength to put yourself out there.

Some of us feel stagefright on an existential level. Becoming perpetually scared of what people think of us is a fast track to remaining totally trapped where you are. 

It does more than that though, it halts meaningful growth… And when faced with hard challenges, that fear can cripple us. 

Adrian Eimerl, my guest on this episode, had to come to grips with this lesson before it drove him into a self-destructive corner. When all the cards were down on the table, he found the strength to move forward because of the support of others. 

In fact, it’s often rare that someone learns to walk with humility and steep themselves in growth without others to show them the way. Friends, family, and even associates not only show us paths we can take to heal, they help us overcome the ego. 

The ego is what ultimately holds us back, protecting itself from becoming uncomfortable, or even hurt. And letting it go, embracing growth, while also putting yourself out there, is a recipe for achievement. 

Learn how with Adrian and I in the latest episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Conversations of men. (1:20)
  • “Kastanza” spins the vinyl. (9:06)
  • Really dark moments create massive growth. (18:42)
  • What’s the common denominator. (27:04)
  • Love IS source / consciousness. (37:07)
  • The humility that comes with age. (49:01)
  • Money only magnifies. (59:21)

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