Hunting Discomfort with Sterling Hawkins

by Aug 1, 2022

How to get breakthrough results under any circumstance.

Joy and happiness lie on the other side of discomfort. Like many things in life, it’s counterintuitive to believe that discomfort is the driving force behind these freedoms. Embodying and pushing through discomfort isn’t easy – yet that’s the exact reason it brings fruits like happiness, success, and freedom. 

It’s about the juxtaposition. Anything else is better when you have a past experience of being uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable can bring out a truer part of you. Instead of going to the gym because you want to or have to, you go to the gym because you intrinsically understand that it will feel awesome. The moment of squatting 315 pounds may be uncomfortable, after, you’ll have that point of reference and understand the power of discomfort. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with Sterling Hawkins and discuss the vitality of seeking discomfort. Sterling shares his astonishing story of a multibillion-dollar business, why people end up feeling stuck, and the science behind stepping outside of your comfort zone. Evolution has designed us to seek discomfort, and the modern world has stripped that away from us.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Getting results No Matter What. (1:06)
  • The fruits of hunting discomfort. (8:09)
  • Hanging onto past fears. (16:06)
  • When deep in discomfort, get outside support. (26:05)
  • Surrendering when you’re in lack. (34:16)
  • Summoning courage for breaking through. (41:13)

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