Ideas to Combat Loneliness

by Aug 27, 2021

Man’s best friend…

I’ve had animals at a few different points in my life, however I recently just got a puppy. And man, this little guy gives me so much joy! 

It’s funny, up until I got him, I didn’t really realize just how lonely it could be living alone like I had been. Loneliness is something we get used to, then realize it hasn’t exactly been the best thing for us, or has spawned bad habits as we cope with it. 

As social creatures, we need companions. We definitely weren’t created to hole up in our apartments, talking to nobody, and bottling up the needs that aren’t being met. Perhaps that’s why we even got the idea to take care of animals in the first place. 

It’s easy to sit there and neglect ourselves, however it’s much more difficult to ignore the animals that count on us to take care of them. And actually, that’s what’s been on my mind today:

On this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re digging into the nature of loneliness and how we can combat it, from pets to integrating social behaviors.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Lack of empathy for loss. (1:13)
  • Adopting a rescue puppy. (4:26)
  • Happy dog. (8:11)
  • Giddy-up! (11:16)
  • Take action when you’re needing to shift. (14:56)

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