Igniting Your Inner Fire with Sanyika “The Firestarter”

by Dec 21, 2020

A writer trapped in the body of an NFL player.

Sanyika is unlike any man I’ve met before. Intense in his energy, and also kind. Articulate in his beliefs, and ruthless in pushing others to understand. If there were ever many who was a firestarter, it’s him. 

Sanyika is a writer, and storyteller, which makes him uniquely situated to call out men on their BS stories. 

Some of you have been waiting for an episode like this. It’s raw, no-holds-barred, straight-shooting truth bombs from beginning to end. When it comes to identity, it’s quite simple for Sanyika. Either we face down our future selves and become them, or keep up the posturing and stalling. Step up, or run. 

In fact, that’s the theme he embodies: do it or don’t, no excuses. No fear. And with a year that has encouraged rampant passivity this is the exact message we need going into the new year.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Intentionality. (2:23)
  • “All in” to the tunnel. (11:07)
  • Being a man of your word. (22:07)
  • Emotion vs Feeling. (31:50)
  • When Sanyika was asked to stop using his name. (41:50)
  • Shame and guilt vs a new possibility. (49:31)

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