Increasing Your Confidence In Relationships with Kimberly Hill

by Dec 6, 2021

Love is a minefield

Kimberly Hill took a roundabout route to becoming a leading men’s coach. She spent a decade as one of the only women on trading floors and then in the corner office as she rose through the ranks of the financial services industry. 

As she climbed the corporate ladder, she immersed herself in the psyches of how men operate and the imperfections that they felt. What resonated with her the most was how men often felt their self-confidence was at their lowest when they were dating or just after a breakup. Realizing there was a crisis of men feeling this way while also feeling the need to help others in her career, Kimberly now helps men navigate the dating sphere that has only become more complex over the past few years. 

On this episode of Becoming Kings, Kimberly guides us through many of the questions that men ponder in the modern relationship and dating world today. Let’s regain some of the self-confidence we often lack in this new and complex dating world.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Men’s Life, Dating & Relationship Coach. (0:47)
  • Supporting men with their confidence in women. (9:16)
  • Polarity is still needed. (18:58)
  • None of your needs are being met and you’re resentful. (28:42)
  • We ALL are doing the work. (36:40)
  • How to create your authentic online dating profile. (40:57)

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