Is Busyness Bad?

by Apr 1, 2022

Intentionality is always top of mind

Recently it’s been difficult for me to find any moment to relax. From my businesses, to my coaching, to enrolling in leadership programs, it’s one of those times in my life where it’s hard to take a moment to breathe.

This presents an interesting question. How much of my pursuit of moving my life and business forward is taking away from my own personal development? Simultaneously, feeling accomplished in completing these tasks is replacing my bad habits of loneliness, sadness, and apathy. 

How does pulling the wool over our eyes in the name of progress hold us back? Intentionality is paramount to growth, and it’s necessary to keep it top of mind as we navigate the busiest times of our lives.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Ask a busy person. (0:47)
  • Questioning busyness & distraction. (4:47)
  • Investing your own growth. (9:00)
  • Where is the balance? (12:44)
  • Intentionality. (15:26)

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