It’s All About That Dad Work with Curt Storring

by Feb 14, 2022

Breaking the chain

In order to become a better dad, you have to become a better man. Even if you don’t have kids, you end up playing a fatherly role to others in your life, whether you realize it or not. 

Curt Storring knows how hard it can be to be a dad. His had left the family at age 3, and though he was able to salvage their relationship, Curt was left to his own devices to figure out fatherhood for himself. He found himself screaming at his own child and not feeling like he was living up to his own potential as a dad.

Realizing that he had to improve and evolve as a father and a role model, he buried himself in men’s work and mindfulness and emerged with a new outlook on life. Instead of being the worst part of his own son’s life, he now helps other men looking to heal their wounds and become better father figures. 

Join Curt and I for our honest conversation around the relationship between manhood and fatherhood, aligning with our values, and healing old wounds to move forward as better men. 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Brothers don’t shake hands… (0:51)
  • Fruits of the ripple effect of healing. (10:36)
  • The very first time all the work caught up to him. (22:01)
  • Answering the “why” with true intention. (32:51)
  • Chain breakers of generational trauma. (42:06)
  • Healing wounds within relationships. (49:32)

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