It’s the Little Moments in Time

by Feb 19, 2021

Sometimes a random TikTok video can take you back.

This time we’re jumping back to when I had COVID a few weeks ago. TikTok finally hooked me. When I was sick I had A LOT of immobile down time to fill, and it was just right there

Anyway, I came across this video from a guy talking about his old mindset, and it knocked something loose in me. 

Suddenly I was thinking back to my childhood years remembering how my family used to spend time together on road trips, and how we ended up in the home I spent most of my life in. 

These kinds of memories are so wonderful to look back on, however they also come with some tenderness because of my mom. If you’ve noticed I’m talking around what’s in this episode. I really don’t want to spoil what’s in store in this episode of The Johnny King Show… besides the confession that I’m hooked on the ‘Tok. 😉 

Listen for some snapshots of my childhood — for once young Johnny wasn’t being a goofball — while getting a dose of mindful reflection.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • My confession. (0:34)
  • Letting go of “things”. (3:11)
  • Getting out before the floor fell out. (7:20)
  • Getting a little choked up. (11:20)
  • The ego drives our behaviors in a variety of ways. (15:23)
  • Slow down and make some magic moments. (18:49)

Listen to the episode

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