Just DO It!

by Oct 16, 2020

Here’s my biggest podcasting secret…

Just flippin’ do it already. No, seriously. 

I’m one of those people who gets sucked into analysis paralysis, I get in my own head, and whenever that happens I’m usually sunk. So, that’s part of the reason why I say “Just do it.”

The other reason is a bit more complicated. 
I found out the hard way that trying to capture my charisma and energy through a script was problematic. I hated the idea of a podcast because I basically thought they were nothing more than just long informational pieces. So when I finally decided to go for it…

I knew I had to do it the Johnny King way. Here’s to 99 episodes and 101 more (at least!).

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What have you been putting off? (1:03)
  • What’s holding YOU back? (4:21)
  • The courage to use your voice! (8:03)
  • This isn’t an easy process to grow into. (11:57)
  • Stop playing small. Go for it! (15:04)

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