Keeping your Eyes & Ears Open

by Feb 14, 2023

Asking “why” and “why not.”

When someone tells you something about life, be it a doctor, professor, or reliable friend, do you automatically believe what they say? 

If you answered yes, great. As humans, we’re innately wired to believe and trust other humans, especially those we perceive as “more knowledgeable” than ourselves. 

It makes sense that we tend to immediately believe what we’re told with so much of our time being preoccupied. It takes a lot of mental energy to ask ourselves why we’re being told X, or why we aren’t being told Y. Yet by thinking critically, you increase your awareness, improve your decision making, and empower personal growth. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share why thinking critically is vital to your peace of mind and individual growth. Challenging your beliefs is how you grow and adapt as a man. And if something doesn’t grow, it decays.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • This concerns me… (0:46)
  • Why are we being lied to? (5:32)
  • Not a fan or authority. (10:18)
  • Is it all just black and white or possibly gray? (15:07)
  • Can you have a mature conversation? (19:27)

Listen to the episode

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