Late Nights & Candle Light with Shawn Brown

by Jun 20, 2022

Storytelling is the universal language

Powerful storytelling holds an integral role within the human experience. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, dating, or friendship, stories are how we share and understand each other’s experiences. In a way, storytelling is an avenue for building trust and comfort. It’s how we observe commonalities among ourselves and other people. And all of us end up leaning towards comfort one way or another. 

Except leaning towards comfort in other aspects of life can be detrimental. Shawn Brown shares insights as to why escaping your comfort zone is vital. When you’re completing unorthodox, extremely challenging tasks, you end up growing and adapting. And that growth is how you continuously improve yourself, get more fit, and come closer to becoming a King. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, Shawn and I sit down and discuss some foundational stories from when we went to school together and the lessons we’ve learned. In addition, we share some of our favorite content, how Tom Brady can perform at such an age, and our thoughts on the current school system.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Hype music & gettin’ it goin’. (0:46)
  • 3rd grade and valentines. (10:11)
  • Spring Break in Panama City. (23:47)
  • Mama Sal checkin’ in. (36:06)
  • Breaking free from old school education. (45:04)
  • Tiny pocket, large heart. (53:06)

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