Lean Into Resistance

by Mar 4, 2022

Constant struggle is essential

Resistance shows up for all of us. If we all had it our way, we’d be married, have a couple kids, and live on the beach somewhere and run a little surf shop. However, the daily struggle of our own, and others, doubts and fears can force us to quit. 

The beautiful thing? We have other men to lean on and grow. The journey toward becoming a King is long and filled with turmoil, so it is imperative that we lean into resistance. Passivity will only stagnate growth and wash you away in the current, forcing you to quit. Make resistance a healthy habit and grow into the man you’re meant to be. 

This is a quick podcast to commend those who have fought against the conventional and resisted giving in despite criticism, self-doubt, and fear.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Podcasting on location. (0:47)
  • The Uncommon Man book club. (2:43)
  • Where does resistance pop up? (5:08)
  • Answering the call to adventure. (7:11)
  • Resistance training makes us stronger. (8:55)

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