Let’s Talk About Sex Bro

by Jan 5, 2022

Polarity and synergy in our sex lives

What are we actually talking about when we discuss our sex lives? A lot of guys talk a big game while tiptoeing around the real issues surrounding our intimate relationships. 

In reality, many men, even those who are regularly intimate with partners, are struggling to come to terms with their own sexual being. To counteract this confusion, we need to talk about how sex can be a value add to relationships. How can it deepen and strengthen your bond with your partner, while also providing pleasure? It’s a simple, but important question. 

This episode is full of talking points that we often dance around instead of engaging head on. Let’s have an honest discussion about our sex lives and discover methods to unlock what can often be a frustrating dilemma.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How much sex do you have? (1:18)
  • Let’s see a raise of hands. (4:12)
  • Is it really a double standard? (6:04)
  • Sexual blueprints. Get educated! (9:42)
  • Get curious about your partner’s needs. (13:12)

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