Letting Go of What You Want

by Jan 14, 2022

How big a role does control play in your life?

We all have hopes and dreams. Goals we’ve wanted to achieve for months or years on end can be helpful, but ultimately distract us from the beauty the world has to offer. We forsake our lives by chasing a desire instead of opening up our hearts. 

We get so attached to desired outcomes that they take over our lives. They cloud our vision and we get lost in the fog of what we have dreamed about for however long. Our fixation makes us miss the forest for the trees. If we were more open to the twists and turns life inevitably takes us on, we’d be much more likely to experience joy and abundance along the way. Tunnel vision may work at some points, but only to a certain degree. 

Instead, try to be more open to whatever life gives us. Whatever your fixation is, let it go and let it be, no matter how long you’ve held onto it. Open your heart to whatever the world has to offer and let the abundance of the world flow into it.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Our addiction to control. (0:47)
  • Growing in your emotional fitness. (4:41)
  • Receiving once we finally let go. (5:21)
  • You must grieve your attachment to an outcome. (8:44)
  • It’s time to let go and let it be. (12:32)
  • Focus on the feeling. (16:05)

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