Life Management in Seven Minutes or Less

by Jul 7, 2021

It’s all about the process.

Brother, I get asked pretty often how I do it all. The podcast, coaching, Meeting of Men, having a thriving relationship… 

Well, it comes down to having a process! Too often the guys I meet are all-out winging their day-to-day, no routines, no structure, just going with the flow. And yeah, sometimes this works for people, however if you’re anything like me “flow” is code for a serious amount of unneeded stress. 

Over the years I’ve run my own businesses, turned my back on a Master’s degree, and basically had to follow my own path. I certainly had to deal with my fair share of uncertainty, minor disaster, and not knowing how to move forward. 

The secret to conquering it was this process for myself that I’ve developed over the last ten or so years. Thing is, you can learn it in just seven minutes by listening to this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast

Get your notebook ready because this info is going to set you up to win!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The Process for Getting Stuff Done. (0:53)
  • Data dump. (2:06)
  • “Win the Day” training. (3:53)
  • Weekly plan & Trello. (5:31)

Listen to the episode

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