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by Nov 24, 2021

Missing the forest for the trees

How often do you think about work-life balance? Everyone needs to provide for themselves or their families, but at what cost? Simultaneously, we also will chase career goals at the expense of our own lifestyle, goals, and even health.

Are you spending your life chasing ghosts instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor?

Being a workaholic has its benefits, but workaholics also miss the forest for the trees. Finding that balance of hustling and grinding with living your life to the fullest is extremely difficult. The grind culture our society holds in such high esteem promises job opportunity and advancement, but it also guarantees burnout and a lack of fulfillment.

On this episode of Becoming Kings, we’re going to put work and the grind to the side so we can discover what makes us feel the most fulfilled. Let’s start pursuing the things that matter most to us.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • A life of putting out fires. (0:47)
  • Fall in love with life! (4:16)
  • The grind culture. (8:08)
  • Advice from our elders. (11:43)
  • Are you truly grateful? (15:13)

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