Light Shines Through the Broken Pieces with Steven Fisher

by Jul 25, 2022

A masterclass on emotional control.

Emotional control is a skill that’s taught by other people. It’s rare that someone can teach themselves about control, self-awareness, and empathy. For some of us, learning to be self-aware and control our negative emotions is a top priority. The first step is accepting that it is a skill and CAN be learned.

Dealing with negative emotions, like fear, typically boil down to how you talk to yourself. Some of us let our core fears define us. And it usually starts with blaming outside circumstances. Take responsibility where it’s due, and your true self will shine through.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with Steven Fisher to discuss powerful topics like dealing with fear, addiction, family issues, and so much more. Steven’s experiences are one of a kind; he provides exemplary insights about learning how to empathize, the best way to gain emotional control, and personal anecdotes about his journey as a father.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • 25 years of experience adding value. (0:53)
  • Being knocked off the throne. (9:55)
  • The benefit of doing your own work. (19:31)
  • You may make a mistake but you are NOT a mistake. (27:52)
  • Being a non-judgmental support. (36:08)
  • Embodying self-love rep over rep. (42:41)

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