Losing My Shit

by Jun 8, 2022

The Boiling Point

Frustration finds ways to manifest in all sorts of situations. How one responds to the inevitable manifestation of work and life is the important element. The blood starts to boil, and inevitably begins to affect our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. 

Recently, facing extreme anxiety, stress, and a packed to the brim schedule, I was so busy and filled with worry that I felt as though I was losing my mind. The smallest of things start getting under my skin and build up inside of me. This feeling also has trickle-down effects of inducing intense self-judgment, anxiety, and shame in my soul.

On this turbulent, emotional episode of the podcast, I divulge all the feelings that overwhelm stirs up inside of me, how I deal with it, and the techniques we can all implement to manage the negative emotions that come when you’re near the boiling point.  

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Freddy Mercury. (0:46)
  • Running out of time. (5:27)
  • Stick to your commitments. (11:53)
  • Opening up about my struggles. (16:36)
  • Step into the resistance. (20:53)
  • Forgive yourself. (23:46)

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