Love, Faith, & The 12-Steps with Zach Bloom

by Jan 17, 2022

Learning to live again

Zach Bloom came out of college with the world in his hands. A national champion hockey player, editor of his school’s paper, and high academic achiever, Zach had a great support system around him that enabled his high level of performance. At the end of the day though, he still felt a gaping hole in his soul that could only be filled by alcohol. 

Drugs, booze, and women were his vices and he couldn’t shake them for years. Certain that he would be facing death if he continued living his life this way, he turned to the 12-step program for answers. Along the road to recovery, he found himself deeply analyzing himself, his family’s travails, and wounds that had gone untreated for years. Now a life coach himself, Zach is able to look others in the eyes and tell them how he was able to rise from the ashes. 

On this raw and emotionally gripping episode of Becoming Kings, Zach and I dive deep on how one can barely be scraping by and eventually learn to grow into a person they never previously thought possible.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Spiritual stretch marks. (2:21)
  • Family heritage of alcohol abuse. (11:12)
  • AA & the need for support. (25:25)
  • Finding Faith & the 12 Steps. (38:02)
  • The light is on but nobody’s home. (50:28)
  • I love you man. (1:01:51)

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