Man’s Journey to Becoming King with Alison Armstrong

by Sep 7, 2020

People instinctively hide their weaknesses… even if it hurts them.

Being human means constantly fighting between your instincts and your more evolved sensibilities. For men and women both, it can be extremely complicated to be more sociable, thoughtful, and accessible when everything in you wants to be protected. 

Alison Armstrong is the co-founder of PAX and their program Understanding Men. She’s joining me on the podcast for this episode to shed light on how men can become the best versions of themselves, without losing their sense of self to all the people forcing their expectations on them. 

At the core of masculinity is the question, “How do you want to grow?” 

All too often, it’s easier to wait for someone else to answer that question for you, and if you want to become “king” then you need to define yourself. Finding the will, strength, and energy to pursue that defining can be difficult. And that’s why Alison is here. 

Learn how to become king on this episode of The Johnny King Show.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Defining the meaning of “need”. (2:39)
  • What leaves me with the feeling of… (10:38)
  • The impact of testosterone. (19:26)
  • How do YOU want to grow in order to be the man? (27:30)
  • How our brains are like search engines. (35:27)
  • Prince to the Tunnel to Becoming King. (40:58)
  • How can you learn more? (46:20)

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