Martyrdom & Boundaries

by Jun 26, 2023

Setting effective boundaries.

Often the wants and needs of others — like friends and family —  get mixed with our own. It seems like a noble thing to do. Putting others’ needs first. This leads to men not knowing what they actually want and need. On paper, it looks like your life is great. However, you might feel drastically different. 

Chances are, it’s because your direction and purpose are tainted. When boundaries blur, it’s common to lose sight of your goals and vision. What we often forget is how intertwined our boundaries and freedom are. 

Freedom isn’t an open field without fences; it’s a cultivated garden, nurtured and guided by your choices.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share untold information about the intersection of boundaries, freedom, and martyrdom. Sometimes the best choice for others is drawing lines to ensure you fulfill your potential. Tune in to learn some practical strategies for implementing these concepts today.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Deep thoughts while gravel biking. (1:30)
  • Boundaries. (4:56)
  • Freedom isn’t free. (8:40)
  • Men often don’t know what their needs are. (11:56)
  • Short fuses. (14:40)

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